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and formed an assembly that operates steadily, with the mission of carrying out science and technology experiments in space, the white paper said.The mission indicates that "China has mastered technologies concerning astronauts' mid-term stay in orbit, and long-term ground mission support," according to the white paper.Currently, China has mastered major space technologies such as manned space transportation, space extravehicular activity, space docking, operating in assembly and a


stronauts' mid-term stay in orbit, according to the white paper.It said that the Beidou Navigation Satel

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lite System (Beidou-2) has been completed, with the networking of 14 Beidou navigation satellites, offic



ially offering positioning, velocity measurement, timing, wide area difference and short-message communication

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service to customers in the Asia-Pacific region.The white paper also mentioned China's developments in man-made satellites, deep space exploration, space launch sites, Space Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TTC), space applications and space science, in addition to its improved monitoring a

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nd mitigation of and early warning and protection against space debris.WASHINGTON, May 2 (Xinhua) -- John Kutzbach, a U.S. climatologist and professor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, received here Tuesday China's top science honor for foreigners, the International Science and Technological Cooperati